"Dogs are Askin' for AlaSkins"

Pure CBD Pet Shampoo

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Perfect Paws Hemp 2-in-1 CBD Shampoo and Conditioner gently cleanses your pet’s skin, leaving them with a luxurious, shiny coat. Packed with 250 milligrams of premium CBD, this Pet Shampoo may soothe itchy skin and promote shiny hair for pets of all breeds and sizes. Our Pet CBD Shampoo and Conditioner can control excessive shedding resulting from certain skin issues, restoring your animal companion’s shiny coat and leaving your home and car free of animal hair. Finished with a tropical scent, our 2-in-1 Pet CBD Shampoo and Conditioner will leave your fur baby’s coat fresh and fragrant. This product is non-toxic, making it a safe addition to your pet’s grooming routine.

Product Info:

  • One 12 oz. bottle of 2-in-1 Pet CBD Shampoo
  • 250 milligrams of premium CBD
  • Less than 0.3% THC