"We're Askin' for AlaSkins"



#1. AlaSkins are made of 100% wild Alaska caught fish skins. 

There are no other ingredients or additives in these dog treats. Just pure and simply dehydrated fish skins saved for AlaSkins LLC by partnering Alaskan fish processing plants 

  • Cod dog treats have one ingredient - 100% wild caught cod. 
  • Salmon dog treats have one ingredient - 100% wild caught salmon.
  • Halibut dog treats have one ingredient - 100% wild caught halibut.

The skins are rinsed and placed on racks - either carefully hand rolled (like into the treats shown in pictures above), or the whole fish skins are laid out on racks for dehydration. Whatever stye your dog likes - hand rolled or whole skins - AlaSkins uses only WILD ALASKAN CAUGHT FISH. Nothing else is added to complicate your dog's digestive system

#2. Fish skins have incredible nutritional benefits.

"The polyunsaturated fats in wild caught fish plays a key role in cardiovascular health and cell repair, and has been shown to reduce inflammation. Although omega-3s in fish are found in the fillet, the skin contains a fair amount of the much-desired fatty acid, as well."  - The Better Fish  Read more here about the health benefits of eating fish skins!

AlaSkins dog treats are FULL of Protein, Omega 3s, Vitamin A, Potassium,  Vitamin D, and Vitamin B12. 

Detailed nutritional information of our Alaska wild-caught fish is listed on the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute website. There is an absolutely fantastic amount of other wonderful information about Alaskan seafood, including recipes and other information you didn't realize you were desperate to have. Check it out.

#3. Farmed fish is dangerous. (Watch Sara's doc, A Fishy Tale, for more info

We are wildly opposed to the abhorrent and unsustainable practice of fish farming - specifically farmed salmon raised in open net cages.  Alaskins believes in supporting, using, and eating sustainably caught fish. Alaska's fishing industry still boasts the last remaining wild fishery in the world where wild salmon, cod, and halibut swim free in the massive Pacific oceans.  Alaska's wild salmon are allowed to naturally migrate until they find the same river and streams in which their life began, to spawn and then die, helping to continue the timeless, beautiful and magical cycle of life.

Our ecosystem is dependent on healthy wild salmon. "There are 137 documented species that are dependent on wild salmon, 41 are mammals including orcas, bears and river otters, 89 are birds, including bald eagles, Caspian terns and grebes, five are reptiles and two are amphibians."- BlueFish.org 

The fish farming industry prefers to sell fish that are grown in massive quantities and squished together in open net pens or enclosed tanks and fed antibiotics, fish dye, hormones, and other disease filled chemicals to try and ward off the sea lice, plump up the fish, make it grow faster, and color the flesh to make it appear as if it's actually edible. The final product is nothing more than an overstuffed malnourished poor imitation of wild fish. Farmed fish skins capture these toxins and are used in making fish oil and other dog treats which is simply illogical and cruel to feed to any human and most certainly to our dogs - our most loyal and best friends!  

#4. AlaSkins believes in a zero-waste culture (such as this super cool zero-waste effort, and this one)

Instead of tossing aside unused fish skins that are filled with nutritional benefits, the whole fish is used, and the skins are turned into incredibly healthy, nutritious and yummy dog treats. 

And by the way, there are benefits of reducing other wasted food: 1) Saves you money from buying less food 2) Reduces methane emissions from landfills and lowers your carbon footprint. 3) Conserves energy and resources preventing pollution involved in the growing, manufacturing, transporting, and selling food (not to mention hauling the food waste and then landfilling it). 4) Supports your community by providing donated untouched food that would have otherwise gone to waste to those who might not have a steady food supply. (For more on this check out the EPA's website)  

Ever heard of the Universal Waste Disgrace? There are 795 million people - 1 in 7 people-  starving around the world yet 1/3 of our own food is wasted. Shop wisely, use the whole product, don't overbuy food you won't eat and end up throwing away. Read more about World Hunger stats here 

Your dog is going to love these treats and your dog will be healthier eating these treats! And yes, AlaSkins smell like fish, because it IS real fish. Real, wonderful, wild, sustainably caught, natural, crunchy, fabulous Alaskan fish skins for your dog.

Got questions? Email Sara at sara@alaskins.com