"We're Askin' for AlaSkins"

AlaSkins is owned by Sara Erickson, who was born in Newhalen Alaska, which lies on the north shore of Lake Iliamna (Lake Iliamna and it's tributaries are critical spawning areas for wild Alaskan salmon) and is located in southwestern AK. 

She is a 3rd generation Alaskan who grew up playing on the beaches of the Kenai Peninsula and commercial fishing with her family. She is passionate about the beauty of Alaska, the health benefits of wild Alaskan salmon, and keeping Alaska's oceans pristine and free from fish farms and other toxins and debris that threaten our oceans. 

Sara is also a huge dog lover and has had her big and goofy black lab, Max, by her side since he was just 8 weeks old. Her daughter's giant dog, Kimura, (half Alaskan Malamute, half German Shephard) also hangs out with Max quite often.  Both Max and Kimura are the official taste testers of AlaSkins!

Sara made a documentary called, A Fishy Talewhich exposes the dangers of fish farming and their threat to our oceans, the sea life, and the world's last remaining wild salmon. Sara believes open-net fish farming is the most over-looked environmental catastrophe of our day and aims to educate the world of this tragic threat and aims to educate the world of this tragic threat. 

Sara owned her own seafood company, Wild Alaskan Salmon Company, for over eleven years selling pristine wild seafood to retail and wholesale customers around the world. She now owns Alaskins and is thrilled to be providing the very best of premium wild-caught healthy dog treats.    

Alaskins are made of 100% wild Alaskan fish skins. We use wild Alaskan Salmon, Halibut, and Cod. Nothing else is added to these pristine crunchy, super healthy, dog treats - just naturally filled with awesome healthy goodness and fish oil for your pups! The fish skins come from Alaska commercial fisherman who are sustainably harvesting wild Alaskan seafood.     

Sara is a firm believer in getting involved and making a change for good wherever you can. We may not be able to change the world, but we CAN make a difference and help out our next door neighbor, our co-workers, and each person we interact with. Believe in something, be bold, be brave, be kind, and create the positive change you want to see happen in your own world. 

     (AlaSkins was officially trademarked in January 2017)             
     Alaskins dog treats are in stock by which fish is currently being fished.