"Dogs are Askin' for AlaSkins"
About AlaSkins

AlaSkins is owned by Sara Erickson, who was born in Newhalen, Alaska. Newhalen lies on the north shore of Lake Iliamna (Lake Iliamna and its tributaries are critical spawning areas for wild Alaskan salmon) and is located in southwestern Alaska.

Sara is a 3rd generation Alaskan who grew up playing on the beaches and commercial fishing with her family. She fell in love with Alaska's beauty at a early age and is passionate about the health benefits of wild Alaskan seafood, protecting Alaska's marine life, and keeping our oceans pristine & free from fish farms and other toxic contaminants and nutrients that enter coastal areas and oceans.

PASSIONS: Sara made a documentary called, A Fishy Talewhich exposes the dangers of fish farming and their threat to our oceans, the sea life, and the world's last remaining wild salmon. Sara believes open-net fish farming is the most over-looked environmental catastrophe of our day and aims to educate the world of this tragic threat and aims to educate the world of this tragic threat.   

GIVING BACK: Sara's favorite non-profit is the Kenai Watershed Forum, an organization that has been working to keep healthy watersheds for our wild Alaskan salmon on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska since 1997. 20% of all AlaSkins t-shirt sales are donated to this fantastic organization.  Please join Sara in her support and buy a t-shirt! 

Sara is thrilled to now be manufacturing and selling the very best of premium wild-caught healthy dog treats in Soldotna Alaska.  Alaskins are made of 100% wild Alaskan fish skins. We use wild Alaskan Salmon, Halibut, and Cod. Nothing else is added to these pristine crunchy, super healthy, dog treats - just naturally filled with awesome healthy goodness and fish oil for your pups! The fish skins come from Alaska commercial fisherman who are sustainably harvesting wild Alaskan seafood.     

 (The "AlaSkins" brandname was officially trademarked in January 2017)